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Freshlook Contact Lenses

Buy Freshlook Coloured Contact Lenses Online in Australia at cheap, discount prices everyday. Freshlook is currently the number 1 coloured contact lens brand in the world and is available in a range to suit both dark and light coloured eyes. If you have dark coloured eyes you can choose from 11 exciting colours using the Freshlook Colorblends contact lens range: Grey, Blue, Green, Pure Hazel, True Sapphire, Honey, Brown and Turquoise plus 3 New colours; Gemstone Green, Brilliant Blue and Sterling Grey. Freshlook Colorblends use a unique 3 in 1 print which blends into your natural iris colour. This gives a natural and subtle change in eye colour which looks real. Freshlook Colorblends is also available a daily disposable - Freshlook One Day Colorblends and is available in your favourite colours: Blue, Gray, Green and Pure Hazel.

If you have light coloured eyes than you should wear Freshlook Colors. Freshlook Colors have an opaque tint and is available in 4 Stunning colours: Sapphire Blue, Green, Violet and Blue.

Already love your eye colour? Enhance them with Freshlook Dimensions which are suitable for light coloured eyes only. Make your eyes look brighter and more vibrant using a unique design which gives your eyes a pearlescent appearance. Available in 3 exciting colours: Sea Green, Caribbean Aqua and Pacific Blue. Choose your eye colour with the world's number one coloured contact lens Freshlook.