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Acuvue Moist 30 Pack
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Acuvue Contact Lenses

It was in 1987 that the world recognised company Johnson & Johnson created the ACUVUE brand contact lenses. This was the first disposable contact lens ever made. It is because of Johnson & Johnson's strength as a large company and passion for innovation that, since its inception, ACUVUE has become the world's leading manufacturer of soft disposable contact lenses.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is determined to improve the lives of all people by offering solutions for all refractive errors. The ACUVUE Brand is truly transforming the world's vision by providing an outstanding range of contact lens options to meet the vision needs and wants of everyone. This is why ACUVUE is worn by more people throughout the world then any other contact lens.

The success of ACUVUE is accredited to Johnson & Johnson's continuing efforts towards transformation and improvement. These pioneers use innovative materials to maximise comfort and visibility. HYDRACLEAR, HYDRACLEAR PLUS and LACREON technologies are exclusive to ACUVUE and are the secret to exceptional comfort and moisture of ACUVUE brand contact lenses.

HYDRACLEAR PLUS, used by the ACUVUE OASYS contact lens family is a rich dampness attracting wetting agent which saturating the contact lens with moisture for advanced all day comfort. This means your lens's moistness will prevail in challenging everyday environments. Additionally, HYDRACLEAR PLUS is particularly smooth, further increasing comfort for every blink giving the illusion of wearing nothing at all.

LACREON technology used in ACUVUE 1 DAY MOIST is a moisture maintaining constituent, which is prevalent in your natural tears. LACERON surrounds the contact lens creating a soft cushioning effect. The result is reduced friction and coarseness leaving your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day.

Johnson & Johnson's latest innovation is ACUVUE TRUEYE. A revolutionary new daily disposable contact lens dedicated to maintaining the condition and sensation of a natural eye. ACUVUE TRUEYE is crafted from an oxygen-permeable silicone hydrogel material resulting in an exceptionally breathable contact lens. In fact ACUVUE TRUEYE is 4 times more breathable then any other daily contact lens. ACUVUE TRUEYE certainly fulfils all the desires of regular contact lens wearers. Wearers experience superior comfort, brighter and whiter eyes as well as the ease and convenience of daily disposable contact lenses.

For those contact lens wearers with astigmatism, Johnson & Johnson's ACUVUE offers an advanced design in their trusted range of contact lenses for astigmatism. The 1DAY and OASYS (fortnightly) astigmatism contact lenses offer the same material as their spheric relatives combined with Accelerated Stabilization Design (ASD) technology. Other brand astigmatic contact lenses use a ballast design to keep the lens in place. However this technology relies on gravity; the contact lens is thicker and thus heavier on the bottom edge. However, this does not cater for differing orientations of the head. Meaning if you were to lean on your side the contact lens would shift position and your vision would become blurred. ASD technology is different. Through expansive research ACUVUE has come up with a contact lens that uses your natural blink to re-align itself constantly. The contact lenses are made to have a special contour system with 4 thinner zones under the eyelids. These zones interact with the pressure of your blink supporting the correct positioning of the lens. This technology known as ASD is an active technology not reliant on gravity that offers clear crisp vision from any orientation.

It is no wonder that ACUVUE brand contact lenses are the best recognised and trusted in the world today. It is their superior materials and technologies as well as the extensive range that makes ACUVUE brand contact lenses suitable and desirable for almost everyone. Johnson & Johnson have achieved an unparalleled reputation, amongst wearers, optometrists and doctors. This because of their dedication to providing the world with a diverse choice in vision solutions.